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Overview of PROSIL

The activities of the PROSIL project are organized in 17 actions. The first one (A.1) is a preliminary activity, which defines the regulatory framework, considering the requirements for the characterization of mixtures and chemical grouping within ECHA documents, and the available tools/software complying with such requirements.

The following actions are implementation ones. Action B.1 will define specific criteria related to toxicity properties (e.g., persistence, bioaccumulation, ecotoxicity, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity and reproductive toxicity) in order to plan safer chemicals. This will be obtained by using and exploiting the chemical and toxicological data provided by industrial partners. The subsequent B.2-B.5 implementation actions will:

  • provide software for the integration of QSAR and read across,
  • evaluate the exploitation of property data using grouping methods (through the practical cases of dyes and pesticides),
  • analyze chemical mixtures of natural origin used for leather,
  • address the exploitation of confidential data to derive toxicity rules without disclosing the original structures.

Actions C.1 and C.2 will monitor the socioeconomic impact of the project, in particular referring to small-medium enterprises, which have suffered for the costs associated to the compliance of the requirements according to the REACH.

The communication and dissemination actions D.1-D.4 will provide:

  • a simplified and attractive access to the objectives and results of the project by a dedicated web portal;
  • information boards to be installed at participating Beneficiaries sites;
  • Layman’s report at the end of the project, describing the results, the utility for REACH, the objectives, activities, and the project Beneficiaries;
  • other initiatives and measures to improve acceptance and dissemination, including information brochure, USB memory sticks, newsletters, workshops, and participation to international events.

Lastly, the management and monitoring of the project will be guaranteed by actions E.1-E.5. In particular

  • E.1 will assure management with a good organisation of the project and its smooth progress,
  • E.2 will monitor the project progress,
  • E.3 will promote networking within external initiatives and finally,
  • E.4 will be dedicated to audit
  • E.5 will identify the After-Life initiatives.

Detailed technical description of the proposed actions

Preparatory actions

Action A

REACH requirements and software on categories and mixture substances


Implementation actions

Action B.1
Application of QSAR models for optimization of strategies for new, safer chemicals
Action B.2
Integration of QSAR and read across for the evaluation of chemical substances
Action B.3
Application of (Q)SAR methods for evaluation of chemicals within a group
Action B.4
QSAR models for complex substances of natural origin
Action B.5
Extracting toxicity rules from confidential data

Monitoring of the impact
of the project actions

Action C.1
Monitoring the impact of the project actions
Action C.2
Monitoring the socio-economic impact of the project

Communication and
actions (obligatory)

Action D.1
Web Portal
Action D.2
The Life + information boards
Action D.3
Layman's report
Action D.4
Communication and Dissemination initiatives

Project management and
monitoring of the
project progress (obligatory)

Action E.1
Project Management
Action E.2
Monitoring the project progress
Action E.3
Action E.4
Action E.5
After-Life Communication plan
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