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Project Name

Promoting the use of in silico methods in industry

Contract Number

Life12 ENV/IT/000154

Main objectives

  • To integrate read across and QSAR (quantitative structure-activity relationships) models;
  • To screen new chemicals for the development of new, safer chemicals;
  • To exploit methods to generate structural alerts from confidential data;
  • To improve standardisation on the use of non-testing methods;
  • To promote the safe use of QSAR tools;
  • To get a procedure to screen all compounds within a mixture of chemical compounds;
  • To get a procedure to exploit the hazard values of related compounds within a group of similar compounds;
  • To get a procedure to scrutinize the safety of candidate new chemicals, before their synthesis;
  • To produce a guidance document and software for the integration of the results from QSAR and read across;
  • To establish a network of projects and initiatives on application of QSAR models for industry.

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